Search: Teaching the Fundamentals

I had a blast! 4 weeks of intense immersion, with great instructors, and a very open and sharing community I now have new tools in my toolbox. And new additions to my professional network to ask when the need arises.
— Fredrik Olsson, Head of Data Science and Product Owner @ Gavagai

Excellent, it is more than a course, it is an immersive experience.
— Jesse Peixoto, Search Relevance Developer @ ADEO

Thanks to Corise and all the people who made this happen, I can not think of a better way to learn than how the course is organized. Learning from experts in the field, well-organized weekly projects, and a great community of learners are the highlight of the course for me. Grant and Daniel have gone above and beyond to simplify all the concepts and clarify every point of the course material. I can genuinely feel a sense of achievement after finishing the course. I truly appreciate all your work : )
— Mohammadreza Alagheband, Search Engineer @ Tidal

This course makes it real! Not just slides, but real use cases, with real problems. Combined with access to experts, this course was SUCH A BLAST!
Thomas Queste, Technical Lead @ ADEO



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