Lots of good stuff in there. But, speaking as someone who gets sold to, I find few things more annoying in a sales email than “can we chat next Tuesday at 12:30PM Eastern?”. It gives me the impression that you’re asking — even expecting — me to conform to your calendar rather than vice versa. I see the merits of providing a concrete option, but do it in a way that makes it clear you see the prospect’s time is at least as important as your own.

Of course, the most annoying thing is an unexpected, unsolicited phone call. Once I’ve determined that it’s a legitimate aggressive sales call and not an outright scam, my only thought is to how quickly I can get off the phone.

Perhaps I’m not a representative prospect — or at least not the kind of prospect likely to convert. Still, I think a bit of courtesy goes a long way.

High-Class Consultant.

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