I see that you object to my sentence that “When users opt to make their profiles “public”, they do so with the expectation that their public profile will appear when people search for them on search engines.”

Did you click on the link in that sentence? It takes you to this help page which contains the content:

LinkedIn Public Profile Visibility

Manage your public profile information

Control what sections of your public profile appear when people search for you on search engines.

Your public profile appears:

- When people search for you using a public search engine like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc

- On public profile badges

- On affiliate and third party services like Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Samsung phones mail app, etc.

LinkedIn is setting a very clear expectation for its members that its public profile visibility is about making the public profile visible to search engines.

Do you want more folks, including scrapers, to see your profile content than that? Good for you! You can post it on your personal website. But LinkedIn never promised you that it would provide “open and equal access” to anyone who wants it.

If that violates your expectations, then perhaps you should read their user agreement.

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